Social Media: How much money can you really make?

Social Media: How much money can really be made? These days, you keep reading about influencers, about YouTubers, about important people in the social networks who use Facebook and Co. as their primary source of income. At the same time, companies big and small are emphasizing how important social networks have become when it comes to sales and marketing their products. The hype around social media marketing continues and almost every year new players establish themselves in the market who want a piece of the pie in some form or another.

But how much can you actually earn with social media? Is it worth it for companies or freelancers?social media marketing for companies - is it worth it?there are now a lot of ways to make money with social networks. At least that's the automatic impression when you read about the many success stories of supposed influencers. For businesses, it's shaping up to be a bit different. For them, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are primarily a way to increase their own awareness and the visibility of their company and products.

Selling online is not even on the agenda. Because in fact, these networks are hardly suitable for initiating direct sales of products. This does not mean that marketing via social media has to become a minus business for the company. It mainly means that it is worthwhile to recognize the synergies and effects generated by marketing through these channels.

We are not talking about direct sales here, but about the new users on your own site. Of course, it is also possible to start a campaign. But at this point at the latest, influencers are at it again in this day and age. Because they are the ones who usually can really make money with the help of the social networks.Influencer marketing and the income through the social networksThe actual money flows in today's time on the subject of social networks mainly through the influencers.

On the one hand, the personalities on YouTube or Instagram have a large following and on the other hand, they are excellent advertisers for companies and brands. By being close to the people who can become their own customers, they offer themselves as figureheads for campaigns. By the way, these are not always just YouTubers or Instagram personalities with a particularly young following. As a rule, there are also enough potential partners for more conservative companies or for those who attract an older target group.Those who want to earn money with Instagram, however, must first build up just this base of fans.

This can work if you make a name for yourself in the right niche. Once you've reached the point where the number of followers is growing steadily, you've also laid the groundwork for success. So there is definitely money to be made from social media under the right circumstances. However, it always depends on the right and above all individual strategy.