Green marketing as an SEO strategy

Green or ecological marketing is a type of marketing strategy to improve positioning in search engines, especially if our business is within activities such as rural tourism or the development of renewable energies. However, it can also be applied to the sale of any product that contributes to reducing the environmental impact. Green marketing is becoming more frequent because more and more people are committed to environmental protection practices. If your company is thinking of modifying some of its strategies to be more sustainable, this type of marketing will focus on the ecological aspect by relating to the customer from a sustainable point of view.

How to apply a green marketing strategy?

The first point in applying a green marketing strategy is planning to make products that care for the environment by reducing their impact not only through their use, but also from the production itself.

In this way, some of the strategies that can be adopted are the following

  • Promote sustainable practices through the implementation of product recycling to make our own products and the reuse of waste.
  • Collaborate with a cause with which the company is identified, for example, through a foundation that protects an endangered native species. Many local companies design their products based on local species and then support various organizations that protect them.
  • Certify your products through institutions or organizations that endorse the use of sustainable practices.
  • Advertising products or services in digital media to make them known and also to spread the causes to which the company adheres, i.e. its values and mission.

Benefits of

green marketing Firstly, green marketing will attract a new segment of potential customers, that is, those who are committed to environmental care and who seek to make decisions that reduce as much as possible the impact we have on the planet. More and more people are refraining from purchasing products or services that harm the environment and therefore offering a green alternative could help you boost your business.

On the other hand, it will also improve the perception that others have about your company and you will get a better position against the competition. This is especially true if you work in a non-ecological field but use sustainable practices in the production of your products. Offering a sustainable alternative will undoubtedly give you a clear advantage over your competitors. At the same time, changing the company's practices will not only lower costs and reduce emissions of pollutant gases, but through the new technologies acquired you will innovate processes and obtain better quality products.

Finally, green marketing will not only open the doors to a new segment, but it will also help to generate awareness among those who do not yet know about sustainable products.