Sustainable Casinos: A New Way to Care for the Environment

Undoubtedly, betting in an online casino is the best way to take care of the environment. However, for some time now, many of the traditional establishments have been taking steps to make the negative impact of their operations as little as possible. These new practices are part of the ecological movements of recent years that aim to change the way of life and the way we relate to the environment. What measures are the new sustainable casinos taking?

Caesars Entertainment Corporation, the pioneerCaesars

Entertainment Corporation is a business group that specializes in the management of casinos, hotels and golf courses.

With establishments in five different countries and a presence in 13 states in the United States, Caesars Entertainment Corporation announced in 2011 its plans to significantly reduce air pollution emissions. If its objectives are met, by the year 2053 it should have reduced by 95e the total emissions for which it is responsible. These goals are part of an environmental program called CodeGreen, developed by the company in 2008.

Sustainable measuresCaesars

Enterainment Corporation's casinos are not alone in implementing sustainable measures to help preserve the environment. For one thing, facilities in North America can work to the specifications of the U.S.

Green Building Council, which regulates the construction of sustainable buildings. Today, many facilities are operating under the guidelines of this organization and obtaining green ratings according to the level achieved. On the other hand, some casinos and hotels in many parts of the world, such as Macao, set other guidelines to take care of the environment. Melco Resorts and Entertainment, a hotel and entertainment company, has banned the use of plastics in all of its establishments.

The MGM Mirage hotel group, which owns the CityCenter casino, has also made significant contributions to the environment. For the renovation of one of its main establishments in the United States, it has recycled more than 90e of the materials used, including metal, concrete, paper and plastic. The business group also has the technology to conserve water, which is badly needed in the Nevada area, and generates its own energy in a plant that reduces carbon dioxide emissions and controls energy use to avoid excesses. Latin America is not left out of the new measures adopted to take care of the environment and, in this sense, the Santa Fe Casino in Argentina has installed generators that take advantage of the wind to produce energy.

In addition, this establishment has solar heaters that heat about 6,000 liters of water per day. More and more companies are adopting new measures to take care of the environment. Caesars Entertainment Corporation was the first business group to develop and adopt new policies, and other companies are gradually following suit. Sustainable casinos are a new way to take care of the environment.